About Lamers

Over the years, Lamers  High Tech systems has been growing to become one of the largest players in its special market within Europe.

The company has grown from a pure “built to print” company, to a partner for jointly solving gas and liquid supply and exhaust/drainage issues. With the skills in infrastructures and sub assemblies in Stainless Steel, Copper and Plastics, Lamers is the perfect fit for many leading players in the industry. Part of the growth is the expansion of the Clean-room capacity from 300 m2 in 1969 to over 1400 m2 in 2012.

The Head office is based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, with a branch in Kerkrade.

With its R&D Department and specific welding, application and materials know-how, Lamers High Tech Systems BV can also contribute to projects for the next generation developments.

The company is a member of Uneto VNI a Branch Association for companies in the installation field.