Human Resources

Employee policy
Lamers High Tech Systems is a unique company where the culture of a family business is fused with that of an experienced and knowledgeable organisation, where intelligent solutions are found for complex problems. This occurs within the company in an amazingly simple way, our no nonsense way of thinking winning over every method organisation and structure. This gives our employees the possibility to develop and implement their ideas in their own way ( within given frameworks). This enables Lamers HTS  to get the most from  its’  employees, whilst the employees can achieve a high level of job satisfaction. This philosophy creates maximum personal involvement with the work that has to be done and is sustainable even if the workload is heavy. Our HR policies are tuned to this unique philosophy, you will feel this at the first interview. It’s about the person, what they can contribute and if they can fit in with this unique Organisation.

It therefore  follows that valid and relevant questions from an employee will be listened to, and where possible, honoured by the Board, whether it be for  training (personal development) or otherwise (for improving safety, method or cost savings).