QSHE policy

“Setting the standard in purity” is the shared value of our organisation and embedded in the implemented QHSE management system. Lamers High Tech Systems is a reliable partner and a motivated team player for both custumers and suppliers.

Lamers High Tech Systems has a Quality Management System Certificate based on BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Both the Production and Installation Departments are working in accordance with the Certified HSE Management System based on ISO 14001 2008/5.1. All operational employees are to have the level of personal safety certificate B-VCA, as a minimum qualification. All operational supervisors are required to have at least the level of personal safety certificate VOL-VCA. Lamers High Tech Systems is working towards an integrated QHSE management system. Care for environmental and labour conditions is expected to be certified in 2014 by implementing a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System based on the Occupational Health System OHSAS 18001:2007 and on the Environmental Management System BS EN ISO 14001:2004. The scope of the QHSE management system includes the design, development, manufacture, assembly, supply, installation, testing, qualifying and validation of mechanical systems, particularly control and distribution systems for high purity gases and chemicals realised in Stainless Steel and Plastics.

The extensive and intensive concern for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment issues is another example that Lamers High Tech Systems put a high priority on safety, health and environmental issues.