Lamers High Tech Systems is specialized in the development, engineering, construction, qualification, testing and commissioning of installations, machine modules and skids for the transport and control of high purity gases and liquids.

In this process we master a variety of skills and competences and we complement them with an array of services :

– Consulting on and development of control and infrastructures for delivery at point of use of high purity gases and liquids.
– Engineering of transport and control systems for high purity media
– Prototyping and volume production of modules and assemblies for transport and control of high purity media
– Specialized in Stainless Steel orbital welding, combined with automated bending equipment
– Specialized in welding and construction of installations in various plastics
– Integration of modules into OEM assemblies.

-Qualification and commissioning of installations, modules and assemblies according to specification i.e.:
– Pressure testing
– Helium leak test
– Particles, O2, H20, TOC, THC and RGA

Details on these subjects can be found in the relevant chapters: