Lamers High Tech Systems have the capabilities to perform a wide range of installation services, from short term installations to complex long term multi-disciplinary facilities. The shorter jobs are handled by service teams, consisting of flexible, experienced crews. For longer term, and more complex installations, we set up dedicated project teams which also monitor all applicable safety rules, regulations and standards (see QSHE). Welding Logs, as well as Welder Certifications are part of our standard procedures. Complete turn-key installations may include one or all of the following disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering 3D (Pro E, Stabicad, Autocad en Unigraphics)
  • Stainless Steel piping (EP or CC)  with orbital welding for high purity or dangerous gases for purity and seal reasons
  • Copper piping, soldered  for CU, press fittings for lower grade gases
  • Vacuum systems
  • Gas detection
  • Safety review
  • Plastics (PP, PFA CPVC PVC, PVDF etc., depending on requirements
    Gas cabinets and bunkers (standard and specific e.g. safety cabinets
    for toxic or explosive gases)
  • Cooling water systems and installations
  • Chemical refill cabinets and rooms
  • Larger diameter plastics, or coated stainless steel for exhaust and/or drainage systems
  • Qualification/Certification, He Leak test, Pressure test, TOC, THC,
    moisture test, particle test etc. by means of our mobile multi-purpose
    test & qualification trolley (see test and qualification)

VCA, certified welding ASME/NEN-EN