At both the Nijmegenand Kerkradelocations we have capabilities to design and manufacture customer specific set ups for prototype testing to mid volume sub-assemblies of complex OEM tools and to take these to series production. Over 1400 m2 Clean-rooms -beside manufacturing and warehousing rooms- make Lamers High Tech Systems a partner for leading OEM’s and laboratories.

Some of our key competencies are:-

  • Traceability records on serial numbers at component level by bar coding and logging for review
  • Supply chain management, to control lead times and supplier quality
  • Full range of component choices to select from, enabling fit for purpose
  • engineering and R&D support, 3D development (Pro-E Wildfire, Stabicad, Unigraphics, AutoCad)
  • Welder certifications, welding method qualification
  • Testing and qualification (He Leak-test, Pressure test, THC, TOC,
    RGA etc. including certificates)
  • KanBan/Arc/Jit
  • Specific Jigs for reproducibility
  • UHP (Ultra High Purity) methods
  • UCV (Ultra Clean Vacuum) methods
  • 5S work bench optimalisation
  • Quality management
  • ISO 9001